Barney's Blog - 2x14: The Stinson Super Bowl Party Sportsbook

For a gambling man, Super Bowl Sunday is just like Christmas, but with cheerleaders. Traditionally, one can bet on anything from the coin toss to the final score. But for the seasoned gambler, betting on mere sports is an insult to the glory and splendor of Super Bowl Sunday - the real challenge is betting on Super Bowl parties. 

So like the Santa Claus of the Super Bowl, I'm sliding down your chimneys and into your La-Z- Boy recliners with my own Super Bowl Miracle: The Stinson Super Bowl Party Sportsbook. Included here are ten examples of bets you can make that will really liven up your own Super Bowl parties. 

10 Things to Bet On At Your Own Super Bowl Party
  1. Total number of trips to the bathroom (monitored by toilet-flush count)

  2. Number of Janet Jackson jokes attempted during halftime show

  3. Number of economy-sized chip bags consumed (side bet: Barbecue vs. Salt & Vinegar)

  4. Total weight gain from kickoff to finish

  5. Carpet spills

  6. Number of John Mellencamp songs featured in commercials

  7. Guest to seat ratio (NOTE: The floor does not count as a seat)

  8. In which quarter will you run out of cups?

  9. Total number of "shhh's" during commercial breaks

  10. Total beers consumed (bottle count)

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